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Beyonce-biter named?

Last week saw fans guessing who bit Beyonce after Tiffany Haddish revealed that the singer was bitten on the face by an unnamed actress during a party.

The story had Bey’s loyal fans trying to guess who the biting culprit was, with names including Chrissy Teigen chipping in with their own suggestions. So, who bit Bey?

Early reports said that the biter was an actress who may have been on drugs at the time of the incident and now reports are saying that 46-year-old ‘Love & Basketball’ star, Sanaa Lathan was the one who bit Bey on the face!

However, it may not actually be ‘case closed’ for the Bey-biting incident as Sanaa has straight-up denied the gossip, tweeting:

What do you think?

Case closed, or has Sanaa been wrongly accused?


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