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Beauty Trends – Black Make-Up…

Black make-up is a new trend for 2018 – at least according to beauty experts…

Black makeup? That’s right, black makeup. And by that we don’t mean makeup for black skin (which, by the way, can be unreasonably expensive and possibly dangerous), but rather the crazy-cool and absolutely mesmerizing trend that is also known as “transforming black makeup” or “color-changing black makeup,” which marries smoky to shimmery with the feel of mood-ring whimsy.

But, surely there is a danger here of coming off like you’re wearing stage make-up or some sort of ‘blackface?’

Apparently not…

“It looks like straight-up soot in a pot,” exclaims beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan, as she explores what she refers to as the “perfect palette cleanser” for the girly-hued beauty launches of the last few months. That’s where black makeup comes in. The thing about the name is that doesn’t necessarily go on black—it only looks that way before you apply it. Once you smooth, brush, or rub it on, it transforms into what Chan describes as “flattering and wearable hues” with a glittery finish.

Worth a try?

Although, we would like to know why the so-called ‘expert’ feels that make-up for black skin can be ‘possibly dangerous’ – anyone?

What do you think?

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