Bad Taste? Restaurant Slammed Over ‘Black Olives Matter’ Slogan


An Italian restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been catching criticism on social media for their ‘Black Olives Matter’ slogan.


Paisano’s restaurant have begun selling merchandise including shirts and hats featuring the slogan which mimics the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.


Restaurateur Rick Camuglia said he originally put the phrase on a sign outside to promote a new dish of tuna with a black olive tapenade. He insists he is not trying to inflame racial tension and is simply trying to sell food.


However, the slogan has divided social media, with some upset at how it seems to trivialize police shootings of black Americans, while others say it is simply a joke.


What do you think?


A joke too far? Or should people just ‘get over it?’


We’re sure Mr. Camuglia isn’t intending to insult anyone and it may have seemed like a funny idea at first, but we think this comes off as more than a little bit insensitive.




Photo Credit: Global News

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