Bad P.R. – Watch The Moment Justin Bieber Punched A Minor!


When it comes to bad P.R., punching your own fans has got to be up there – especially when that fan turns out to be a minor!

22-year-old Canadian singer, Justin Bieber did just that as he was being driven to his show in Barcelona. Footage shows the fan reaching in through Justin Bieber’s car window – and Bieber reaching back out – leaving the Spanish boy with a split lip!


The fan is now said to be considering suing the singer, although police will not investigate unless a formal complaint is made.



Local authorities explained:

“What’s occurred here is what would be considered a misdemeanor rather than a crime. For a crime of assault to have occurred, the victim would have needed medical attention more than once. The footage shows there’s been no sustained attack. As we’re talking about a misdemeanor rather than a serious crime, we haven’t got the power to act off our own backs and so we’re not actively investigating this. This is an incident that occurred between two people and the person who received the punch or push will have to make a formal complaint if he wants to take the matter any further. He can do that at a police station or the local court. If he registers a complaint with police, we will simply pass that on to the relevant court so they can decide whether to take further action. At the moment we’re not aware the male fan has registered a formal complaint.”

Check out Bieber’s quick jab here:




Photo Credit: YouTube / Europa Press

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