Bad Father? Brad Pitt Stands Kids Up For This Reason…Would You Have Done The Same?


As any parent knows, it is important to keep the promises you make to your children, so we have to feel for Brad Pitt after he was forced to let his two oldest sons down after promising to take them to watch their two favorite bands.

The Hollywood actor had promised to take his boys Pax and Maddox to watch punk bands Offspring and Sublime in Los Angeles last weekend. In fact, sources say that three of them had the night out organized months before Brad’s split from Angelina Jolie.

We’re sure that Brad was looking forward to the quality time with his sons, especially considering the emotional trauma of his split from their mom! However, a source revealed:

“Brad intended on taking the boys too. But at the last-minute by recommendations from his security team, Brad thought it best to stay home, leaving the boys absolutely crushed.”

The insider continued:

“The boys are young and are having a hard time understanding everything that is happening with their parents. They want to know why they can’t just carry on with life normally. They are sad and confused but at least have been able to spend more time with Brad lately and that has been good for all of them.”

While we feel for Brad and the boys for not being able to go to the show because of the potential paparazzi feeding-frenzy it could cause, we’re glad that they are at least getting to see each other more right now.

It just goes to show that family is more important than fame.




Photo Credit: Invision

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