Bad Business? Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Disses Facebook

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has come out to slam his own company, saying he is unsure how “that awful, awful site” still get 2 billion users each day.

Zuckerberg noted:

“The fact that anyone still thinks it’s a good idea to have a Facebook account is a complete and utter mystery to me.”

He was speaking about how the site is set up to leverage ad money from users, saying:

“Maybe every once in a blue moon the algorithm will allow a somewhat relevant post from an acquaintance or even an actual friend to slip through, but for the most part, it’s all just sponsored post after sponsored post from some vendor that exploited users’ personal data to create chintzy hyper-targeted T-shirts. People think of Facebook as a single portal to pretty much all they want from the internet, but it’s really just an unending parade of glitchy autoplaying videos from pages they don’t subscribe to, all served up with some of the most miserable functionality in online history. I mean, why the f*ck am I still in business?”

He even said he had thought about deactivating his own Facebook account and was unsure why he hadn’t done it yet!

Honest or just bad business?




Photo Credit: SLA

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