Azealia Banks Calls Off Deal With Rza Over Russell Crowe Race Row


Azealia Banks has called off a record deal with Wu-Tang Clan leader Rza following her recent spat with Russell Crowe. The Rza had invited Azealia to a party hosted by Crowe, but things went left between Banks and the New Zealand actor, leaving her accusing him of assaulting her and even throwing racial slurs in her direction.

However, the Rza says that it was Azealia who got out of hand, insulting guests, and that it was her, and not Russell, who was throwing around the ‘n-word!’

While we were not there and so cannot comment on what may or may not have really happened, Azealia seems to be taking her toys home with her following the incident and has called off a deal with Rza, despite having been negotiating it for the last 3 weeks!


Of course, if Azealia is telling the truth and Rza is sticking up for Russell despite what is alleged to be some terrible behavior, then fair enough. However, if, as Rza contends, Azealia is actually just “full of it” and was at least as much in the wrong for the altercation then it looks like Banks is just covering herself by making noise.

What do you think? Is Azealia to blame? Is Russell? Could it have been a bit of both?

We can imagine that things got pretty heated and it is pretty likely that neither Russell nor Azealia covered themselves in much glory!




Photo Credit: AP / Invision

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