Atlanta Rapper, Ralo ‘Makes It Rain’ At Homeless Shelter!


Atlanta rapper, Ralo made a grand gesture by throwing money at people as they waited in line at a homeless shelter. The rapper, who was once homeless himself. Opted to swerve the strip club and ‘make it rain’ for the homeless instead.

Ralo and his friends pulled up outside an Atlanta homeless shelter in luxury vehicles and then started throwing money. Naturally, the homeless people who were waiting in line for food broke out and began to gather the cash, with some even getting into fights over the money. All the while Ralo and his crew sat laughing at the mayhem:

We don’t doubt that Ralo’s intentions were good, but the way he laughed as the unfortunate homeless people fought over his cash leaves a bad taste in the mouth. As a result Ralo found himself subjected to some negative press following his demeaning stunt, but that doesn’t look like it will stop him. Ralo took to Instagram to defend himself, writing:

 “No matter how much good you do, they still gone say some bad ‘bout you. I get 10k just to perform in the club why the hell I can’t give back to the needy. I been making it rain in the clubs all my life AN ain’t nobody neva said sh*t ‘bout that but when I give it to those that really need it, it’s a problem. Ain tell nobody to laugh nor did I tell anyone to fight over the money. I went to several different shelters that day AN did the same thing. I know I made many people day AN helped them a lot so really f*ck wit you talking bout, AN guess what… “I PLAN ON DOING THIS MORE”… coming to ah shelter near you…”

He also defended his actions on Twitter, posting:

We understand that Ralo is trying to do something good, but we’re sure there are better and more respectful ways to help those in need that laughing from a luxury car as they fight over dollars!

What do you think – a good deed poorly executed?




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