Angelina Jolie Considering Calling Out Brad Pitt In Explosive Tell-All!


Brad Pitt could find his reputation dragged through the mud as reports say Angelina Jolie is considering writing a tell-all memoir about her marriage to the Hollywood hunk.

41-year-old Jolie is said to be angry at how the media is portraying her as she goes through the process of divorcing brad, and is now ready to lift the lid on their relationship – including threesomes, Brad’s drinking, weed-smoking, and violent mood swings!

An insider stated:

“All she’s done is try and protect her kids. She feels she’s been made out to be the bad guy in this whole thing. It’s not right. You can be sure that she will come out smelling like roses in the memoir, while his drinking, smoking and clashes with the kids will be addressed in a very unflattering way.”


The memoir could prove to be a handy payday for Jolie too, as sources say she is set to be offered up to $5 million for the book.

Among the revelations that the tell-all could contain there is the fact that “she never wanted to marry Brad in the first place and hated how he encouraged the kids to put pressure on her to tie the knot.”


The insider added:

“His insecurities were also becoming an issue so she gave in, hoping it would stop his jealousy issues. Sadly, it didn’t.”


The tell-all could also show that, despite his status as a sex-symbol, Pitt is actually, “a very insecure guy, who was constantly paranoid about her cheating and used weed and booze as a crutch for his self-esteem. The problem is that often fueled some of his worst behavior.”

This ‘behavior’ apparently includes an ‘open’ marriage where Pitt would invite models home, while there is also talk of Pitt’s friends being a bad influence:

“Brad’s pot-smoking buddies have also been a problem as they encourage him to misbehave all the time. She’s tried to lure him away from his bad circle of friends, which included George [Clooney], Jonah [Hill] and even Quentin [Tarantino].”

However, the memoir may also expose a little truth about Angelina too, including how her “bisexual needs” led her to “get depressed and feel trapped.”

Now, we don’t know how much of this is true, and of course, we wouldn’t expect Angelina to pull any punches when it comes to painting herself as the victim and Brad as the problem, but still – it could make pretty interesting reading, right?




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