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Angel Sculpture Made From Confiscated Knives In Tribute To Victims Of Crime

Artist, Alfie Bradley has spent two years making this amazing angel sculpture from knives confiscated by police forces across the UK. The 24-foot-tall artwork is made from 100,000 knives.

While the sculpture was designed to raise awareness of knife crime, there are some who object to the sculpture. Cheryl Evans, the mother of an 18-year-old who died after being stabbed, asserted:

“An angel is pure, a knife is the devil’s creation to the death of our young people and those who use it to end innocent lives. I will not and cannot support this, the fight begins. Maybe you have not lost a child so cannot see the deep-rooted agony this will cause.”

However, Clive Knowles, head of the British Ironworks Centre who commissioned the sculpture, said:

“When there is an art project like this, it is supposed to shock. The angel’s face will be one of dismay, with its arms open as if to say: ‘Why?’ We want to spur the country to action.”

The sculpture is set to tour the UK and then may be placed on display in Trafalgar Square in London as a tribute to the victims of knife crime.



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