American Muslim Olympian Calls Donald Trump ‘Dangerous’



Muslim American Olympic fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad has hit out at Donald Trump’s divisive anti-Muslim rhetoric.


Muhammad, who is the first American Muslim woman to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab, slammed the Republican presidential candidate, saying, “I think his words are very dangerous.”


The athlete told CNN:


“I’m African-American. I don’t have another home to go to. My family was born here. I was born here. I’ve grown up in Jersey. All my family’s from Jersey. It’s like, well, where do we go?”


Muhammad hopes that her competing at the Rio Olympics will help change the discussion about Muslims in America, as she explained,


“I’m hopeful that, in my efforts to represent our country well as an athlete ― that they change the rhetoric around how people think and perceive the Muslim community.”


The 30-year-old graduate of Duke University was also quizzed by the BBC, revealing:


“I am excited to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about Muslim women. I want to show people that we can not only be on any Olympic team, but on the U.S. Olympic team which is the strongest of the world’s teams.”


Muhammad, who now lives in New York noted:


“As a global community, we have to work harder to change our current situation. It is an unhealthy one.”


We have to say we agree entirely, it’s time to stop the divisive, scare-mongering, racist tactics and realize that we are all just people.




Photo Credit: USA Today

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