How Amazon Plan To Revolutionize Your Grocery Shop

Amazon are testing out their new grocery pickup service at two locations in Seattle as they set to revolutionize the way we shop. Currently being used by employees while Amazon work through any glitches in the service, AmazonFresh Pickup is set to be rolled out to Amazon Prime members who will be able to order groceries online and set a time to go and pick them up at a drive-through location, where the bags will even be loaded in the trunk by Amazon employees! The payment will be made via the Amazon app or on the main Amazon website, meaning that there is no need for money to change hands during the pickup.

Of course, many supermarket chains, including Walmart, already offer a pickup service, but experts believe that Amazon’s “unprecedented” number of existing users (30 million!) will see them outpace the competition.

There are also delivery services available, but money-savvy consumers are beginning to realize the cost of these, at 10-20%, compared to picking up the groceries for yourself for free.

Being able to order on-the-go (with no minimum order size) and collect within just 15 minutes means that even the smallest errand can be run using the service.

Plus, there is the issue of security as more people get wary of who is coming to their door – and the inconvenience of having to wait for a delivery to arrive.

While a date has yet to be set for when the first AmazonFresh Pickup stores will go public, some say that they will be a regular feature across the country within five years.

Do you think you would be happy getting your groceries from Amazon?

We’d have to try it out, but anything to make our lives a little easier has to be good, right?



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