Alec Baldwin Takes One Last SNL Jab At Trump Before Inauguration & It Does Not Disappoint!

One of the best highlights of the whole Trump/Clinton spectacle were the SNL skits that actor, Alec Baldwin partook in. As it gets closer to Trump to take office (January 20th), Alec Baldwin is going to ride this skit out to the finish line, or until Trump finds a way to ban him from doing so (yes, Trump seems to be that petty with his ‘Twitter fingers’).  

In the latest Saturday Night Live installment, Baldwin makes light of the lackluster performers Trump will likely have at his inauguration, jokingly stating: “We’ve got 3 Doors Down, also from “America’s Got Talent,” we’ve got Jackie what’s her face. And best of all we’ve got the one Rockette with the least money in her savings. We’ve also got some huge A-list actors coming like Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence. They will all be at my inauguration, courtesy of Madame Tussauds.”

Either way, the skit does not disappoint, as we gear up for the circus of the century. Check the performance below:

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