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The website was founded by Chicago native and Penn State University alumna, Kenyetta ‘Native’ McKinney, M.A. (LinkedIn Profile), a former print and traditional media journalist (including television and radio in the Philadelphia sector). McKinney is often described as a tech ‘geek’ & innovator (according to her friends and peers who often say her forward-thinking was before its time). She is a website designer/frontend developer (since 2000), publicist & early adopter of social media and blogging (since 2003). Also specializing in social media tactics (for over a decade), and a digital media strategist. McKinney was the brains behind one of the first of its kind page-turn digital magazines in the early 2000s, alongside a fully programmable online radio station — before Podcasts. She often had to defend her position against critics who told her she was ‘crazy’ to house a magazine online. She would take the stance that all publications needed to be online because that is where the future was headed — and, so, here we are. Most of those publications are no longer in print because they did not see the vision (think Blockbuster Video and Netflix). 

Tom ‘Slim’ Clover, has been the longtime editor-in-chief of He is an honor Leeds University graduate from Cambridge, England, writer, DJ, and historian. Clover successfully ran G.M.M., LLC’s popular and well-respected Celebrity/DJ/Indie publication, Grind Mode Magazine for many years, before bringing his skills to

We will NOT be boxed in! Our content on LIT-VIRAL was made to be – AHH, REFRESHING from the usual! We are providing you with a variety of some of the dopest content on the Internet. There are a million and one websites on the ‘net, and we’re not trying to do what they do. Being who we are is so much doper.

Our goal is to alleviate our readers and visitors to our website from boredom! Period. The world is cold enough; so, we vow to be a refuge from the day-to-day life of mundane routines, angry people, and unhappiness. If you leave bored or disappointed – drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you because we aim for that not to happen – EVER.

While we may occasionally have a sprinkle of celeb news, we mostly pride ourselves for what we offer those who love viral content! Memes, .gifs, viral meme videos, inspiration, trending content, social media & curated round-ups, quizzes & polls + so much more. Check out our sister site for updated celeb news, music, videos, reviews + — & [SHOP] our sister store!