is based out of Philadelphia, PA, in the U.S., and is one of many sites under the Grind Mode Media, LLC umbrella. It is run by a global, well versed in a wide range of subject matters (ranging from hip-hop to politics) and diverse team of writers/contributors. They have vowed to put ‘stuffy’ reporting on the back burner (unless a story calls for it from time-to-time), to bring you a fresh perspective on an assortment of topics. They will leave ‘stuffy’ reporting to the CNN’s of the world. 

The website was founded by Chicago native and Penn State University alumna, Kenyetta ‘Native’ McKinney, M.A. (LinkedIn Profile), a former print and traditional media journalist (including television and radio in the Philadelphia sector), tech ‘geek,’ website designer/frontend developer (since 2000), publicist & early adopter of social media and blogging (since 2003). McKinney is also an expert in social media tactics (for over a decade), and a digital media strategist.

The editorial team is led by lead editorial director, Tom ‘Slim’ Clover, an honors Leeds University graduate from Cambridge, England, writer, DJ, and historian. Clover successfully ran G.M.M., LLC’s popular and well-respected Celebrity/DJ/Indie publication, Grind Mode Magazine for many years, before bringing his skills to

At they consider themselves to be a breath of fresh air and have stated that they WILL NOT be boxed in when it comes to their content. Vowing to save their readers from boredom by providing some of the most electrifying dope, viral and lit content on the Internet!

They are here to inform, inspire, make you smile and bring cultivation and happiness to the lives of others through their lively platform. Get the latest trending stories, listicles, quizzes/polls, funny/viral videos, memes/gifs, news & editorials (yes, they tackle real-life issues, too, but try to keep these components at a minimum), plus so much more. You will not be bored or disappointed! There is also celebrity news, music, videos, interviews (returning soon), and reviews, for people who just into memes and things only.

What makes different is that they keep their ear to both real-life and Internet ‘streets,’ therefore they are compiling content that the readers have actually chosen (whether it is from their participation on social media, forums, other blogs/sites, events, gatherings, they are always around ‘listening’) and want to read, and not what they chose for you to read. While also giving you a say in the content that is featured by also allowing readers to create and tell their own viral stories!

Throughout their lengthy time span on the Internet – through other projects (since 2000), they have been innovators in Internet radio (long before podcasts), digital flip-page magazines (long before flip page-turning software – they had software built from scratch because there was no viable page -turning software or sites at the time), and social networking sites – long before any of these things were ever popular.  

Believing that, is a site that is more of a community about the people, will be one of their most refreshing and enjoyable works to date. They have interviewed many celebrities and public figures throughout the years on some of their past platforms, but believe that the most gratifying works are those that can serve and enlighten people while brightening their days, and that is what they intend to do with They have done ‘hardcore’ news before, and look to just be free on, with a variety of content provided on the website for all (it is something for everyone!).

In addition to receiving pitches, story ideas and press releases,’s editorial team scours the Internet to provide you with some of the latest, trending and curated content so you will not have to do it. They say what people are probably thinking, but could not say, as they infuse their unique commentary into most of their curated content. While also giving you some of the best originally written pieces in their array of categories. “We’re not afraid to push a button or two. We are also honest people, so we are not here to be dishonest to our audience. We will call a spade a spade (but hope to never have to!). Celebrities – we don’t just report about them, we have actually interviewed a lot of them over the years. So we know the climate; what is real and what is a facade.” stated McKinney.

The G.M.M., LLC team has years of working alongside esteemed publicists in many sectors, to bring to their reader’s exclusive stories and interviews. So, they are not just running your average ‘viral’ website. They have cultivated relationships throughout the years which give them credibility in the media arena. Their stories are not just rehashed, some are exclusively sent to the team.

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