9 Notorious Celebrity ‘Frenemies’

In the competitive and cutthroat world that is Hollywood, it’s no surprise that celebrities try to play nice and save face for the cameras.

They might seem friendly on camera, but in real life, they are slight enemies. We like to them “celebrity frenemies.” Here are our top picks of notorious celebrity frenemies that we love to watch.

Katy Perry and Rihanna


At first, these women seem like an unlikely pair, but they were once inseparable on the red carpet.

Until Chris Brown showed up in the picture that is.

Rumor has it that Katy could not stand the time that Rihanna got back together with Chris, and this caused them to break apart.

Now that Rihanna is no longer with Chris, it seems that the girls have made amends but stopped being as close as they used to be.

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