7 Moments (Recap) From ‘Power’ Season 3, Episode 1 – Was It Everything We’d Hoped?


(Ghost and Tommy)

Admittedly, waiting for a year for a show to return on air seems a bit absurd, but faithful watchers of the Starz hit show, ‘Power’ have no choice.

The Courtney Kemp Agboh produced (With 50 Cent as executive producer) gritty series made its comeback on Sunday, July 17th, and while it started off a bit slow – as it seems they were trying to catch us up to speed, it was still a treat to watch.  Here is a bulleted point recap of what went down.



  • Ghost (Played by actor, Omari Hardwick) wants to go by his government name, James St. Patrick now and leave the world of drugs and crime behind him. He has Kanan’s (50 Cent’s character) old flunkie, Dre (Actor, Rotimi Akinosho) as his new sidekick – who will likely turn on him at some point throughout the season because he cannot leave the street life alone.


  • Angela (Actress, Lela Loren) and Ghost are trying to rekindle their fractured relationship, and are ‘together’ as of now, just as long as Ghost remains James St. Patrick and has puts his street moniker behind him (But he will always be Ghost!).


  • Tommy (Actor, Joseph Sikora) is distancing himself from the St. Patrick clan – including Tasha (Played by Naturi Naughton). He is supposedly running things in the streets – that is until Kanan, who was allegedly killed last season, makes his return from the dead.  Meanwhile, he has been ordered by drug kingpin, Felipe Lobos (Actor, Enrique Murciano), to kill his childhood friend, Ghost.


  • No one seems to want to work for hot-tempered Tommy, as they signed up to work with the more level-headed, Ghost.


  • Lobos is not dead, despite reports, after being stabbed in his jail cell last season, and wants people to think he is – especially Ghost. Ghost does, however, know that Lobos is alive because of Angela.


  • Lobos is working with Angela’s superior, Mike Sandoval (Actor, David Fumero) – though no one knows this yet. Meanwhile, Angela met with Lobos, and he fed her the wrong information to make her think that he does not know it was Ghost who ordered his hit.



  • Ghost and Tommy need to talk it out, so until next Sunday at 9 P.M. EST time, we will have to wait to see what happens.

The End.

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