5 Tips To Help You Watch Your Sugar Intake & Lead A Healthier Life

Too much sugar is bad for you – not only has it been linked to cancer, but also diabetes and weight gain. It is important to regulate how much sugar you eat to keep your blood sugars down, but how can you do this in today’s fast-paced, eat-on-the-go world?

Here are 5 tips we found that might just help…

Avoid Sugar Spikes

if you eat a lot of sugary foods you will have sugar spikes, when your blood sugar is really high. These can lead to many illnesses, so avoid high-sugar foods like artificially sugar-sweetened drinks, fiberless foods, and packaged foods. Instead eat things like vegetables, high-fiber fruits, healthy fats and proteins, and wheat-free grains.

Go For The Right Carbs

Aim to eat the right type of carbs, which are known as “slow-carbs” as the natural sugars in the foods are very slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, avoiding a sugar spike. These include fruit and vegetables and unprocessed grains.

Eat Slowly

Slow down how fast you eat by taking smaller bites and chewing your food for longer. This will give your stomach time to tell you that you have eaten enough rather than cramming in the food faster than your body can react to it. This tip can help prevent you putting on weight too!

Take A Walk

Go for a walk after you have eaten – not only does this help with your digestion, but also burns up a few of those calories to keep you fit and healthy.

Eat Regular Meals

Make sure you eat regular meals throughout the day. Don’t be tempted to skip a meal to lose weight as chances are this will only leave you feeling hungry later and more likely to grab a quick (unhealthy) snack to keep you going. Either that or you may end up binge eating and taking in much more than you need. Keep your diet regular and healthy!


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