5 Quick Tips To Help You Shine At Work

Getting a pay-rise needn’t be a nightmare of training courses, working late, going to conferences, or even going out in your own time and paying for more study! Of course, these things can help, but who has time for all that? No, what you need are some genuine shortcuts to the top – and we don’t mean sleeping with the boss! Check out these 5 quick-and-easy tips to improve your productivity, mood, and swagger – so you can push for that much-needed pay-rise!

1. Dress The Part!

Studies have long shown how we are judged on what we wear, but did you also know that what you wear to work can actually have an impact on your performance in different tasks?

One such study found that abstract reasoning tasks were performed better when wearing formal business wear than when in casual clothing. Not only that, but men in business suits got better results in negotiations than those in casual clothes.

However, going too formal may not be the answer, as researchers at Harvard found that those with a slightly non-conformist style are often seen as having higher status. So don’t be afraid to a little personal touch to your work-wear.

2. Tidy Your Workspace

Having a tidy workspace can help you focus better and perform at a higher level at work. A Princeton study looked at how people performed in tasks that required their attention when surrounded by different levels of visual stimulus. Unsurprisingly, the more distractions, the more often the subjects found their attention was interrupted. Ignoring the stimulus was shown to take mental attention in itself and thereby even that harmed performance. Keep things tidy and your performance should improve.

3. Buy A Plant

While you are tidying your desk you might want to get a plant for your workspace. Not only can having plants around you lower your stress levels but they have actually been found to make employees 15% more productive when plants were introduced to offices with minimalist designs (ie: tidy!). In fact, you might want to bear in mind that surgery patients reported less pain, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and lower fatigue when they had plants in their rooms! If it’s good for them, it can’t help but be good for you too.

4. Need Some Innovation? Make A Mess!

OK, so we know we just told you to tidy up your workspace and get a plant, but sometimes you need to switch things up – especially if you need to be creative! One study has shown that working in a disorderly room improves creativity and pushes people to novel solutions when compared to those in more orderly surroundings. So, if you need a creative boost, sprawl those papers out a little and let the chaos inspire you!

5. Laugh A Little

Work doesn’t have to be straight-laced and serious all the time, and research suggests that having something to laugh about will not only lower your stress, but can even improve your memory! A study asked adults to watch some funny videos before performing memory tasks, and they were found to perform better than others who just sat calmly. Which goes to show sneaking off to watch YouTube for five minutes may actually help you perform better at work!


Remember – a better performance means more chance of that promotion!




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