5 accidentally terrifying kids entertainment characters

Kids TV is supposed to be a place where things are sort of safe and cozy. But it is not always that way, in the past, some characters intended for kids were pretty creepy!

Take, for example, this picture of the original Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes:

I mean, no wonder that kid looks a little unnerved – and why is he on his knees? Probably because ‘evil Mickey and Minnie’ pushed him down there like some sort of underling…

But how about this one:

Watch out – he’s behind you!

However, if you want to know where the home of terrifying kids TV is, then look no further than the UK. This apparently ‘child-friendly’ character, Worzel Gummidge, had his own show on Saturdays in Britain – and he was supposed to be the lovable hero…

You wouldn’t really want him hanging around your kids, would you?

Then there’s this terrifyingly creepy creation – Mr. Noseybonk:

And when things weren’t just unwittingly scary, they could also be damn weird too – such as with Bungle the bear from  the kids’ show Rainbow – this trippy gif says it all:

Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing 🙂

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