31-Year-Old Philadelphia Woman Claims To Be Janet Jackson’s Secret Love Child

31-year-old Tiffany Whyte of Philadelphia claims that she is the secret love-child of Janet Jackson and James Debarge. This means that Janet allegedly gave birth to Tiffany when she was just 19.

Talking to the media, Whyte says that she should be in line to inherit some of the Jackson family’s fortune, but complains that Janet has been “denying” her for years!

Whyte claimed:

“I’ve been kept a secret a very long time. I want people to know the truth. [Janet] has been denying me for many years, I waited 31 years.”

She reiterated:

“I want people to know the truth. Now it’s time for me to tell my truth.”

But can she prove her ‘truth?’

Tiffany Whyte believes so, as she says she has DNA evidence to prove she is Janet and James’ daughter!

Well, we can’t be sure, and looking at that picture isn’t giving much away…

Only one thing for it, Janet needs to get that DNA tested and sort this out once and for all!



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