2004 Kanye West Meets 2016 Kanye ‘Kardashian’ West: Is This Evolution or Pure Crap?

K west 2004 vs 2016

Well, Kanye Kardashian West is trying to push the envelope of lately, and being a former 2002 (Yes, before his College Dropout album, when he had mixtapes going around New York) fan of his, I must say there is an utter disappointment.  We all are supposed to evolve, there is no question about that, but the latest work West has been putting out, is, to be honest, not art, but pure crap which he is pedaling as ‘art.’  It seems as if when his mother, Dr. Donda West, died unexpectedly in 2007, a part of him left with her, and has not returned.

So, let’s take a look at where we are now.  Kanye West has just released a video entitled ‘Wolves’ featuring Sia and Vic Mensa. Now, some will argue that this is great work, while others would say that it has a feel of doom and gloom – a true Illuminati-esque feel to it (No, I am not a believer of the whole ‘Illuminati’ movement), but I do believe a person can sell their soul, and I am starting to believe this may be what has happened to West.  Oh well, let’s remember Kanye West as he once was:

‘All Falls Down’ Kanye West Featuring Syleena Johnson In 2004


‘Wolves’ Kanye West Featuring Sia, Vic Mensa, ‘The Illuminati,’ Kim Kardashian & Whatever Else This Is In 2016


So, is this art or is this just crap posing as true artistry? If the glittery jacket, Kim Kardashian, and the colored contacts are any indication of what we have to come from Kanye West, then he probably needs to go back to production full time. BTW, is Kim Kardashian trying to be ‘Beyonce Jr.’ or what? There is no hate over here, but anyone who has followed Wests’ career through the years, can tell something is going on. You decide…

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