Caught Red-Handed! Social Media Shows Usain Bolt Cheating On Girlfriend!


A 20-year-old student from Rio may have (unwittingly) landed Usain Bolt in trouble with his girlfriend.


The student, Jady Duarte, posted pictures that seemed to show herself getting intimate with the Olympic sprinter after he celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday.



Duarte says she did not realize she was with a famous athlete, describing her encounter with Bolt as ‘normal’ and ‘not a big deal.’



However, Duarte wasn’t the only woman to catch Bolt’s attention as he celebrated his birthday. He was also spotted him grinding with another local girl as he partied at a club in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio.



Having won another 3 gold medals at the Rio Olympic games we expect Usain was ready to go and enjoy himself – however, he may have gone too far for the likes of his girlfriend of two years, 26-year-old Kasi Bennett.



Sources had even suggested that Usain and Kasi were set to get engaged soon – we have to say that is looking slightly doubtful right now!




Photo Credit: Whats App / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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