19-Year-Old Uses Sign Language At Rock Concert So Her Deaf Dad Can Enjoy It Too


19-year-old Kari Carberry and her dad both went to see the group Three Days Grace performing in Edmonton recently, but concert-goers were amazed as she used sign language during the show to ‘sing’ the lyrics to the songs to her dad, who is deaf!

Darrin Carberry, 53, was born deaf but wears a hearing aid in one ear, which gives him some hearing.

However, Kari and Darrin both love their rock music, as Kari explained:

“He is the one who got me listening to the band. When I saw they were going to be in Edmonton, my dad was the first person I asked to go with me.”

The moment was captured by a fellow concert-goer, and has now gone viral with millions of views:

At last night's concert, we witnessed something absolutely beautiful. Keep In mind this was a rock concert (Three Days Grace in Edmonton). We saw this girl and a man who seemed to require a lot of dancing room, irritating at first until we realized what was happening. Her father is deaf, she was signing the lyrics to him. We couldn't care less about what was happening on stage, watching them was absolutely mesmerizing. They were both very sweet and her father was very proud of his daughter. So here's one of the songs, sorry just a crappy snippet of what happened.

Posted by Jules Maria on Thursday, December 13, 2018

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