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18 Slang Words/Phrases We Will Probably Be Saying Until We Die


Dude. Yes, dude is a word that will not ever play out.

How is it used in a sentence?

Dude, what are you getting into tonight?


Cool. Everything is cool, and it’s all good! You are probably even known as being cool if you use the word.


Dope. Instead of saying ‘that’s nice,’ doesn’t it just sound cooler saying ‘that’s dope?’ Aside from the negative connotations (drugs, ) the word has, it really is cool.

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Bro. What can we say, it will likely always be bros over h*es for the fellas.

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Word. This ‘word’ was heavily used in the 90’s but still holds much weight, especially with the ‘old heads’ (older people from that era).


Hella. The word is just hella dope to say, and will likely outlive us all.


Oh, Snap! Yes, this phrase is a bit annoying, but it gets the point heard loud and clear when you say it.


Yo. Yes, yo is a universal word that can mean many things. Therefore, it will probably stay until infinity. So, yo, what do you think?


Dawg. Contrary to what some people believe, Randy Jackson from ‘American Idol’ did not invent this word. It has been here and will continue to be here long after…

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Wack or Whack. Whichever way you choose to spell it, there will always be something wack/whack to talk about!


Bet. Yes, admittedly, the LitViral team uses ‘alright, bet’ a lot! It means we hear you loud and clear.


Jawn. If you are in Philadelphia, PA (where LitViral is based out of), then you know that this word will NEVER die out, just like its counterpart word – ‘joint.’ It can mean a person, place or thing!


‘Sup. For some reason, people love to say ‘sup instead of the full what’s up, but nonetheless, we do not see this word playing out anytime soon.

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Fresh. Fresh is just like dope! It is just one of those words that soon as it rolls off your tongue, makes you a part of the cool squad.


Peace out or Peace. Either way, you say it, people still use this word or phrase like it will never go out of style. Even if we are just signaling with two fingers, it is a universal word or gesture everyone understands.


Damn, skippy. Not a phrase used too much around here, but damn skippy is still used and lets people know you mean business when you say it.


Cat. No, not the animal/pet. As in, that cat (person) is off the chains!


Fam. Not related by blood, but that will always be your fam (often times people you are real cool, or from the neighborhood you grew up). People who have your back no matter what.

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We would love to hear from you, and find out what words/phrases you and your friends just cannot stop saying. We also want to know phrases and words hot in your sector. Word!

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