15 Signs You Are A Part Of The ‘Sister Wives’ Club (And You Probably Don’t Even Know It!)

You do not have to be polygamous to be a ‘sister wife.’  Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably seen or heard about the TLC show, ‘Sister Wives’ which documents the life of polygamist family of Kody Brown.  Brown has four wives – one of which is his legal wife, while the others are ‘sister wives’ who have agreed to share their lives and bed (When it is their turn!), with the other women in the ‘brood.’  

We remember when New Jersey couple Paulie and Vanessa Hussle came out to the public with their story. They had agreed mutually to add two other women – Hazel and Lady to their ‘relationship.’ What an interesting story that was. However, at least there was honesty going on.


The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of women out there today that is probably sharing their mates with other women. Yes, they know, but somehow, they have blocked it out of their head or do not care. Then there are some women who do not know that they have joined the ‘sister wives’ club (Though there are telltale signs) but are unknowingly a part of it whether they like it or not.  Some do it for love, some do it to maintain a lifestyle, and some do it for fear of being alone.  Check out the list below, and if a bell goes off in your head because of familiarity, then it may be time to do some life reassessments.

  • You must plan just to spend time with your ‘mate’ – there is never any spur of the moment things happening


  • He does not answer his phone after a certain time when you call, and when he is with you, he does not answer his phone at all (Because it is another sister wife calling!)


  • There is never a time that you have spent the main holiday’s with him (i.e., Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc.)


  • Your ‘mate’ stays out late or does not come home at all on some nights


  • He does not post you up on his social media accounts (Yes, people who are in love at least have ONE photo of the person they are dating and in love with). We understand that some people are private, but one photo would never hurt anyone unless you are a ‘SISTER WIFE!’ The reasoning behind this is because he knows that all his other sister wives are watching his page


  • The receipts say it all! You find receipts for hotel rooms, jewelry, movies, dinner, and you know that none of these things happened to or with you


  • He falls off the grid a lot of times, then pops back up when it is convenient


  • He takes forever to text you back. Well, of course, this is because he is too busy getting his lies straight to all of the other sister wives – apologizing to them for something he did not do for or with them


  • Every person in his phone has a codename Meaning no one is saved under their actual name. The codenames are likely because if you ever got the real name of the other sister wives, you would probably confront them


  • You spend a lot of nights on the phone crying to your girlfriends about why your ‘mate’ is never with you. You’re still lonely even though you are supposed to have someone…hmmm


  • He SUPPOSEDLY loses his phone, leaves his phone in a ‘friend’s car’ or his battery is not holding a charge during times which you all are supposed to meet up. The next day or morning he calls or text with a lie or an excuse, and you are right back in his arms (It is a repetitive cycle, too!)


  • Every girl he interacts with or you see him with is just a friend – and there are plenty! Sure, we all have friends of the opposite sex, but he takes it to another level of the game


  • ALL your girlfriends have told you one time or another that they have seen your ‘mate’ with someone else, but you just ignore what they are saying



  • You never take pictures with your ‘mate,’ and always find yourself posting pathetic, lonely looking selfies of yourself (While he is out with one of the sister wives)


  • OK, so you know you are sharing a man and simply do not care if you are taken care of – because you know he is not the ‘commitment type.’

And there you have it!  If any of these things happen often, then you are likely a sister wife – sharing someone you think is all yours.  Not sure what kind of life this will lead to when you finally decide you want someone to grow old with who is all yours, but to each their own. If you have ever heard the saying; ‘I can do bad all by myself,’ then take heed. The first rule of the game – PROTECT YOU & YOUR HEART!


We could not imagine that this is all well with the soul and the mental.  On the flipside, for those who openly have these type of relationships, at least they are not being lied to – they already know what it is.  Oh, well…Life. Get it how you live. We are not hating the player, just know the game.


Photo Credits: TLC.com


Photo Credit: Brett Carlsen/News Dog Media of Paulie and Vanessa Hussle Alongside Hazel and Lady

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