13 Unwritten Rules Everyone Should Have Common Sense Enough To Know

While we expect people to know some of the things we have listed below, because they seem like common sense things to know, we thought we would remind or enlighten those who really have no freaking clue of their possible ignorance!

1. If you’re angry, shut the heck up and do nothing until you’re no longer angry. Even a child knows this.


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2. Having a bad day doesn’t mean that you have to ruin other people’s day.



3. Let people out of the train/room/building/elevator before you get in. This makes sense, doesn’t it?  That way everyone is not bumping into one another!


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4. Chew with your mouth shut. C’mon now, no one wants to see what you have in your mouth.  Yuck!


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5. If someone holds the door for you, you should thank them. If they actually wait while doing so, mean it.


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6. Don’t make a move on your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend, and if she/he makes a move on you, deny it and tell him. Bros over everything else, right?


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7. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.  No one wants to catch your germs!


8. Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. Yup, you literally have to tell some people this!


9. Don’t send more than two texts if the person hasn’t responded yet. Especially if this person is known for carrying their phones everywhere with them.  Or if you see them on Instagram or Facebook posting up, knowing they still owe you a text.


10. Don’t microwave stinky fish for lunch every day in the breakroom microwave.


11. Personal space – don’t stand too close to someone who is entering their debit card pin at the store. It seems obvious but a surprising amount of people either don’t know this or do not care.  Either way, back the hell up!


12. We know that pedestrians have the right away, but some people take advantage of this. If someone stops their car to let you cross the street show a little hustle. Even if you don’t go faster, at least act like you put a little pep in your step. Don’t act like you’re doing me a favor by crossing!


13. If you’re in line at the grocery store with a cart full of items and the person behind you only has 1-2 items, let them go first unless you are pressed for time (But, really, what are you doing with a cart full of stuff if you are short on time?).


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