R&B group, 112 reveal how Puffy once drove off and left them in a blizzard

GQ has been carrying stories about Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs compiled by his friends, family, and proteges, offering insider insights about one of the hardest-working men in entertainment. However, if you thought working for the Bad Boy mogul was all white parties and vodka, think again!

R&B group, 112 revealed that Puff once left them standing in a blizzard as he drove off in his custom Benz – and they were only kids at the time too!

Group member, Mike Keith revealed:

“One night, we had been in the studio from 6 PM to 6 AM. Daron and myself had to go back to the apartment, because we were still in high school, and we had to get up and go to class. That day was a huge snowstorm, more than four kids from Atlanta had ever seen. As we’re leaving, Puff is leaving, too, in a Benz with chains on the tires and everything. He rolls down the window and is just, like, ‘I’ll holler at y’all.’ And he drives off. And we’re like, ‘Motherf*cker, how do WE get home?’ [laughs]”


While it may have been a struggle to get all five members of the group into the car, the memory of being left standing with “big ol’ yellow coats on, walking like a bunch of penguins” stays strong.

Somehow the group believe it taught them a valuable lesson.

Like what?

Don’t expect a lift from Puffy?

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