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10 Terrifying Tinder Profiles

Dating can be a nightmare – and social media hasn’t really made it that much easier – not if these terrifying Tinder profiles are anything to go by…

Let’s start with this one – like, what the actual f*ck was he thinking here???


The next pic isn’t the best – but the little profile doesn’t leave much to the imagination – stay classy, ladies!

Fanta, though?


Next up we’ve got this girl – reckon she thinks a lot of herself…

Way too much!


This next one is brilliant – we love the description of the type of man she wants…


This next young lady also manages to come off like a b*tch in just 21 words….


Then there’s this one – certainly original – but slightly strange and creepy too, right?

Of course, it’s not only the ladies that are coming off wrong on Tinder – for example, who is he trying to attract with this shot?

Hungry people, we guess?


That said, at least Riley made an effort – unlike this ‘I just don’t give a f*ck’ shot…


And finally, we sort of love this guy – he made an effort – but his suit looks like bacon! 🙂 

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