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10 Legit Reasons To Dump Your ‘Bestie’ ASAP

Often we think that our ‘best friends’ will be just that throughout our entire lives, however, life changes quickly derails a lot of friendships, but not the memories. Sometimes you have to love someone enough to let them go. For your good, or you grow up and grow apart.

Hey, then there are just some foul people in the world that you may have tolerated a little longer than you probably should have. These are the ‘besties’ who probably need to be deleted from your phones, social media accounts, and life ASAP!


  1. You all were to go off to college together, but she/he leaves you hanging by moving in with someone they met on the Internet.


  1. They are forever trying to one-up you, and can never be happy for your success.


  1. Because of your illness and inability to ‘hang’ like you used to, they stop calling or texting you back. Nah, not cool.


  1. The belittlement on the low is real. When you all go out, you’re the butt of all their jokes, but when you’re alone, it’s all gravy. Keep it moving. They’re likely fairweather.


  1. They’re mentally draining, with a one-sided friendship mentality. When you need them; they disappear, when they need you; you are always available.


  1. They went on a date with your ex. OK, so we know that’s your ex, but what about your next? What if they have an interest in who you’re dating now?


  1. He or she borrowed a large sum of cash from you, but refuse to pay you back. Meanwhile, they’re riding around in a new luxury car. Not a good look.


  1. Smile in your face, but talk behind your back. The word gets back to you from several grapevines. Besties are supposed to have your back, not stab you in them.


  1. If you buy something, they have to buy something bigger to make it seem like what they’re doing is better. Friends are usually happy for each other!


  1. They’re always talking about other people jealously. This likely means they just may be talking about you, too.

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