What Were They Thinking? 11 Shocking Easter Cakes

Easter is coming, so people across the world are making special cakes to celebrate. However, not every cake brings the right sense of celebration – in fact, some of them are damn creepy or just plain weird. See below for a selection of not-so-delicious-looking cakes…


That’s one odd-looking bunny!



Yeah, so we know Easter is all about Jesus and the crucifixion but sometimes less is more, right? 






We’ve never seen a chick that looked like this!



How to stop vegetarians eating your cake…



It’s good, but then you have to start cutting up Jesus’ head to eat…



Radioactive Easter bunny anyone?



This is pretty cool and all that, but isn’t it a bit much for a cake?



Ha! Loving the face on this lamb…



Really? You took it there?


Problems in transit?


Happy Easter, everyone!

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