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Swedish Mom Goes Viral With Her Stand Against Sugar

A Swedish mom who took a stand against sugar has become a social media sensation.

Anna Larsson decided to cut out sugary treats from her daughter’s diet after she became concerned about the cravings the little girl was experiencing. Anna had to weather a few difficult days, but the results were remarkable. Not only was her 4-year-old daughter sleeping better and less grumpy but she also started to happily eat healthy options that she would have once refused.

38-year-old Mrs Larsson shared her story on Facebook and her post went viral – being shared thousands of times. Speaking about the response to her post, Mrs Larsson explained:

“I was in shock at the response. I really don’t know why it happened. We know it is bad to give a lot of sugar to kids, or to anyone, so it is not news. I think I got this result with my story because I am just a normal person, and not a doctor or nutritionist.”

Speaking on the change with her daughter (whose name she has not revealed), Mrs Larsson continued:

“She was calming down so quickly, falling asleep so quickly in the evenings – and she did not want to look at the television all the time, she wanted to do things.”

The change surprised Mrs Larsson enough that she decided to share her story.

“Her taste buds were like new,” Mrs Larsson noted.

However, Mrs Larsson found that some people criticized her stance on sugar, causing her to respond:

“Some people think it is extreme, but I have never said you cannot eat sugar. We do eat sugar – but you cannot eat it every day.”

She added:

“If your kid has this total craving for sugar then they need help. The kid cannot do it themselves – it is up to us parents. We cannot give them sugary treats just because we want them to be quiet in the store.”

So, how much sugar should we eat?


  • age two – under 13 grams or one to three teaspoons per day
  • age three – under 15 grams or two to four teaspoons per day
  • age four to six – under 19 grams or three to five teaspoons per day
  • age seven to 10 years – under 24 grams or four to six teaspoons per day
  • age 11 and over – under 30 grams or five to seven teaspoons per day

Source: NHS





Photo Credit: Kalmarposten

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