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7 Top Tips For ‘Real Housewives’

Forget the ‘Real Housewives’ of Atlanta, Beverly Hills or New York – being a real housewife is not about rocking designer clothes every day, going out for shopping sprees and expensive lunches, or being whisked away on vacation at the drop of a hat. No, being a real housewife requires grit and determination, not to mention being organized and having to roll up your sleeves and get things done! Here are some tips to keep you on top of your game as a genuine real housewife:

Plan Your Week

It is always worth taking some time on a Sunday to plan the week ahead. Keep a diary or use a calendar to keep note of any important dates or appointments while also noting down a list of things you want to do each day. You can use your phone or get a physical diary or calendar (or both!) for this, but the trick is to make sure you use it! Keeping track of your schedule each day will stop you forgetting things and make sure you are organized.

Eat Regularly!

You need to make sure you eat a decent breakfast to get yourself going in the morning. It will not only give you the energy you need to start the day, but it will also help to stop you from snacking later on when you start to fade. Stop for some light lunch too. Having regular meals to keep you going will not only make sure you don’t start feeling tired in the afternoon, but will also help prevent weight gain!

Beware Of Digital Distractions!

Just picking up your phone and checking social media for a minute can easily lead to a lot of lost time! Try to avoid the temptation while you are working and only let yourself check in during a break between tasks – just like if you were working an office job. If you have emails to check try to set aside a time each day to do this, but again, try not to get side-tracked!

Get Automated

The digital world isn’t just a time-sapping distraction as you can harness it to make things go better for you. Pay your bills using an automated system so you don’t have to waste time going to a bank or logging on to pay things off. Set these up for those bills that stay the same each month, like your cable TV, so you can keep track of the finances.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is important for a healthy, happy life, so make sure you make it a part of your day. Finding the time to workout can seem difficult, but it will actually give you a real boost and help you take control of the day.

Take A Break!

Don’t feel that you need to be running around like a lunatic all day. Take a break during the day too – after all, you don’t think your partner doesn’t take some time to chat with a work colleague when they’re out for the day? In fact, setting aside a couple of hours each day is a great tip for making sure you can cover any problems. Perhaps your child needs picking up sick from school, or maybe an errand took longer than you expected? Having a few hours to play with in your schedule can be a God-send!


Just because you are a housewife, it doesn’t mean that you should be the only one lifting a finger around the home. Get your kids to help tidy up, take out the trash or do other small jobs when they are old enough. This not only lightens your load, but it helps teach them responsibility too. While you might accept that you have time to do the housework, you shouldn’t be expected to be an unpaid servant in your own home, so make sure your partner chips in and helps out a bit too!

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