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10 Things That Are Not Drugs That You May Be Addicted To. #6 Is A Kicker

In the words of Brooklyn underground rapper, AZ – “I guess anything’s addictive when it’s calling your heart.”


1. Gaming

Yes, some people eat, sleep, and you know what, video games.  What happened to getting fresh air?

2. A person

It is true; you can be so addicted to a person, that you may not want to give them up, even if they are all wrong for you.

3. Social media

Your whole day may be off track if you are not able to post your every move on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Sometimes, keep people wondering what you are up to (This goes for those attention-seeking celebrities, too!).

4. Food/snacking

Sometimes food can be a ‘drug’ to some.  For a short moment, they forget about all of their troubles and just indulge.

5. Sex

They may not be in love with the person which they are exchanging bodily fluids with, and let their addiction get the best of them.  You may indeed be playing Russian roulette.

6. The Internet

Let the Internet go out for a day, and people all over the world would not know what to do.  If you remember the days before the Internet became popular, you may just know how to survive.

7. Cell phone

Unfortunately, cell phones have made us all too accessible and too consumed.  What happened to the days of the good ol’ pay phone?

8. Money and figuring out how to make it

Hey, do not let the money make you, you make money.  Trying always to make money, sometimes you may miss out on the simple things that life has to offer.

9. Sleep

Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.  Get up and make it happen. Of course, if you are a person who needs eight hours of sleep, then, by all means, get it (or consult your doctor first!).

10. Name Brands

Name brand things are great to have, but what do you have in your 401K? What is having a label on your back, if you do not have anything in the bank? Make sure you have your priorities intact to match what you are driving or wearing.

Well, there you have it. If you LOVE too much of something on this list, then it may be time to slow things down and get the ‘rehab’ you need to get your life on track. Too much of anything just may kill you (maybe not literally but may do something to your soul!).


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